Musion Eyeliner

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Red or Black is a new 'quiz show' on UK TV - Ok, I reluctantly admit to watching this program on Sunday, but it became more interesting when I happened to notice that the stage set for Pixie Lott was using 3D holographic images produced using the Musion Eyeliner system.

Musion Eyeliner is a high definition holographic video projection system for producing 3D moving images within a live stage setting and can be used  for various live events, including audiovisual artistic performances, conference or trade show presentations, retail displays and large-scale digital signage.

The technology is based on techniques used by Professor John Henry Pepper  for a stage illusion more than 140 years ago to create Peppers Ghost. ( The old ideas are always the best. )'s_ghost

The system seems to be very effective, although it may be different when seen for real.

In the past, the system, has been used by the Black Eyed Peas at the NRJ Music Awards in 2011 where 2 of the performers are holographic. You can see a video of their performance on Vimeo.

Black Eyed Peas Hologram - Live at the NRJ Music Awards 2011 - Musion from Dimensional Studios on Vimeo.

(Ok - this was just an excuse to post a video of the Black Eyed Peas ! )

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple

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Apple's Board of Directors announced yesterday that Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO and his replacement  will be Tim Cook, previously the COO.

Read the Resgination Letter at

and the Apple Press Release at

Jobs has been elected as Chairman of the Board and will continue to provide Apple with 'his unique insights, creativity and inspiration'.

Predictably, the 'financial gamblers' overreact  with shares in Apple dropping by more than 5% within 25 minutes of the announcement !!

Mashable have posted a series of 10 videos showing 'the most ionic moments from Steve Jobs' career at Apple'

Perhaps one of the most significant events was the introduction of the Macintosh back in 1984.

HP Touchpad going going

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Following the recent news from HP of its decision to  discontinue  operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones

Read all the press releases at

There was a fire sale of the HP Touchpad in the US over the weekend where the 16GB model could be obtained for $99.00

A similar sale has started in the UK where the same 16GB model has been quoted at £89.00, although it may prove difficult to actually find any

I was on-line monitoring for the price drop and within 5 minutes I tried to get one from  PC World, Dixons etc but were all showing no availability at local stores. Decided to pop along to the store anyway but same story, none available and none due in stock.

At least I have a picture of one

C'est la vie, I guess

123D Sculpt

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Yet more good (free) stuff from Autodesk, who have released a 3D sculpting and painting app for the iPad called 123D Sculpt.

Users can select from a number of pre-defined shapes as a starting point and use a variety of tools are available that enable the user to 'tweak' the model into the shape that they require.

Currently available as a free download (for a limited time) from the App Store

More details about the App can be found at

and there is a video channel on YouTube at

Apple Patent - Projected Display Shared Workspaces

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Ever since I first explored the use of Pico Projectors, I've mentioned that it was only a question of time before Apple looked to incorporate the technology into their iOS devices, and here is a patent application from Apple which goes some way to proving that theory.

United States patent application US 2011/0197147 was originally filed in Feb 2010 and is called Projected Display Shared Workspaces.

Generally, the patent talks about how 2 or more projected displays, each from a separate device, could be displayed adjacent to one another to produce a shared workspace. Images displayed on one of the projected displays may be copied or transferred  to another projected display within the shared workspace.

Each  device may also contain a cameras that can be used to detect gestures on its projected display so that a user can transfer images between displays using simple gestures.

Devices that could be used include any type of electronic device capable of displaying projected images and recognizing gestures through a camera.

Suitable devices which are specifically mentioned as examples  include an iPod,  iPhone and MacBook.

Also mentioned is the important realisation that whereas a single camera can be used to determine movement in x and y spatial directions relative to the projected display plane - 2 or more cameras may operate in conjunction with one another to detect the spatial z direction .

One or more communication interfaces will provide channels that allow the devices to share information and control settings for the shared workspace.

Other related topics are discussed in more detail in the patent (see link above).

Now, I believe, it's only a question of time before some of these features start appearing  in the market.


Autodesk 123D

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123D is free 3D Modelling Software from Autodesk aimed to provide 3D modelling for everyone.

It is designed for the hobbyist market to enable users to create physical objects from their designs using 3D printing or CNC technology.

Currently available as a Beta release (v 5.0), it can be dowloaded from the Autodesk web-site at

The site also allows you to download 123d models to help you get started with your own designs and provides details of partner companies that you can use to make your physical object.

123D made its first appearance at Maker Faire in San Mateo and here's a highlight video from a number of videos on the 123D channel on YouTube.

( )

Although the software may appear daunting at first sight, don't be put off as it is easy to use and you will soon be creating your own designs.

There is a full set of tutorials to help you if you get stuck

Including a section on the web-site at

Overall a thumbs-up to Autodesk for one of the better free 3D modelling tools available. It will be interesting to watch and see how this develops.

Evoluce Two

In the past, I've separately experimented with both the Microsoft Surface and the Kinect sensor, so was interested to see that Evoluce have recently combined the two technologies with the release of the Evoluce Two device.

It consists of a 46 inch multi-touch LCD display and a Kinect sensor positioned 100cm above the screen.

Evoluce Two can detect more than 60 simultaneous inputs and supports up to 4 users at a time.

The 3D depth sensing technology of the Kinect can also be used to determine when objects are placed near to, or on, the screen surface.

Evoluce Two uses an NEC MultiSync LCD panel, providing a resolution of 1920 x 1080 over an active area of 1018 x 572 mm.

The Evoluce MIM 3D v3.0 software is the touch input recognition software used to provide a fully collaborative multi-user environment and is designed for Windows 7. Applications can be developed using the SDK for the Microsoft Surface 2.0 - which allows you to run applications developed for the Microsoft Surface directly on the Evoluce Two. )

Looks like an interesting competitor for the Microsoft Surface 2, and will retail for Euro 4995, including software.

All the details are available at

The company home page is at

PS. On a separate note, also check out their gesture control software for the Kinect and Windows 7, Win&I, which uses the OpenNI NITE Kinect Sensor software to control Windows 7 applications using gestures interpreted by the Kinect.

Siggraph 2011

The 38th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques also known as Siggraph, is on from 7-11 August (NOW) at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The Emerging Technologies program, presents interactive demonstrations of technologies applied to a wide range of applications, and this year features 23 of the latest innovations selected from more than 100 submissions from industry and university research labs. If you're not at the conference you can watch the original preview video )

Similarly, you can see the Technical Papers advance preview video )

In addition to the conference there is an accompanying exhibition

Full conference and exhibition details are available from Siggraph at

Siggraph is on Twitter at

and follow the official blog at