OS X Lion

by Mick

OS X Lion is the next version of the OS X operating system from Apple.


It introduces more than 250 new features some of which appear very similar to what you can see on iOS devices.

In summary, some of the available features include:

  • Improved support for Multi-touch gestures, as long as you have a multi-touch trackpad, ( is the Apple Magic Trackpad https://www.apple.com/magictrackpad/ supported ? )
  • Full-screen apps
  • Mission Control which shows a view of everything running on the machine and improves the navigation between them.
  • Launchpad for arranging and managing your apps.
  • New and improved mail system
  • Autosave feature
  • Resume - reopens an app exactly as you left it
  • AirDrop provides the ability to send and receive files wirelessly with no need for cables between devices.

Available for $29.99 (£20.99) but only as a digital download from the Mac App Store