Microsoft TechFest 2012

by Mick

Each year during TechFest, Microsoft Research displays a collection of cutting-edge research projects that offer new functionalities for Microsoft products and, often, for the greater research ecosystem.

Details are available from Microsoft Research at

Projects - Microsoft Research

While exploring work being undertaken by the Microsoft Applied Sciences Group regarding Smart Displays and the use of  Wedge Technology

I came across this interesting video demonstrating a number of techniques for future Smart Interactive Displays (although I do note that this video was posted about a year ago!)

Several demonstrations are shown in this video in which 3D information is taken as input and given as output through a smart display: a steerable autoStereo 3-D display, a steerable multiview Display, a retro-reflective air-gesture display, a display that can see, and a Kinect based virtual window

(video link: )

Videos covering recent topics described at TechFest 2012 can be found on the website at