iOS 5 - Coming Soon

by Mick

Over 200 new features are incorporated into the next version of iOS 5 which is due for release in the Autumn 2011. See all the details prior to the release at

New features include:

  • The Notification Center allows you to manage all your notifications in one place
  • iMessage is a new messaging service for all iOS 5 users that will allow you to send unlimited text messages from your iOS device to anyone else with an iOS device.
  • Newsstand organises your newspaper and magazine subscriptions in a separate folder for quick access
  • Reminders is a system for managing your to-do lists. Reminders can be location base so that you can receive an alert based on your current location . They are alo integrated into iCal, Outlook and iCloud and will update automatically on all devices and calendars.
  • Twitter is integrated directly into iOS 5, for direct tweeting.
  • The camera has various new features including single tap exposure and focus locks and you can simply press the volume-up button to take a picture.
  • You no longer need a PC or Mac to update your device, as you can download iOS software updates directly.
  • Thers are also numerous improvements to existing applications such as the Mail and Calendar apps, Games center, wi-Fi synchronisation and AirPlay

You can watch a video about iOS 5 at: