EON Reality Inc

Quite impressed with the EON Touchlight, a bare-hand 3D interaction virtual reality display system based on an invention from Microsoft Research.


See the movie at


Image processing techniques are used to combine the output of 2 video cameras behind a semi-transparent plane in front of the user. The resulting image shows 3D objects which appear to float in space. Users interact with the displayed objects either by touching the screen or moving their hands just off the screen surface.

More details about this device are available at


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  • EON Sales Assistant - an authoring tool for creating sale material from 3D Models.
  • EON Display Systems - various display systems for immersive and stereoscopic viewing
  • EON Professional - an authoring tool that brings Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) product data to life with real-time photo realistic features, advanced physics engine and realistic human behaviors.

sidenote: EON Reality Inc work closely with the Digital Knowledge Exchange (DKE) who are based in Doncaster (uk). Their objective is to introduce emerging technologies to industry in Yorkshire and the UK, and have founded the Interactive Visualisation and Research Centre (IVRC) a collaborative venture with funding from Doncaster College, EON Reality Inc and the European Union (Objective 1).