Dual Sim Mobile Phone

by Mick

I always wanted to try out a dual sim phone and I'm not sure why this concept isn't more popular.

I'm interested in separating Business calls from Personal calls and when abroad possibly using a different Sim in addition to my usual one. This low cost, basic phone would appear to fit the bill for making calls, sending/receiving texts and the occasional email. Although, if you're looking for a smartphone with full internet capability you may need to look for something different.

The Samsung Ch@t 222 allows you to use 2 Sim cards at the same time. With both active, you only need to select which one to use when making a call or sending a text. You can set different ring tones for each Sim so so its easy to determine where your incoming call is comimg from. Another feature which I find useful is being able to read the occasional email.

Still early days, but I find it suits me well.

Full details and spec is available from the Samsung site at


Thanks Santa.

PS.  Although, I really like this phone can you ask Apple to produce a dual Sim iPhone next time please.