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The Evolution of SolidWorks 3D CAD software

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If you're interested in SolidWorks you can watch Fielder Hiss, VP of Product Management at SolidWorks, describe the evolution of the SolidWorks 3D CAD System from 1995 to 2012 through 20 releases.


You can read more about SolidWorks, including new features introduced in SolidWorks version 2012 on the SolidWorks Blog, available at

3DVIA Composer

Dassault Systèmes have recently announced the release of 3DVIA Composer.


The application is a useful tool in the product documentation publishing marketplace and provides technical illustrators with the ability to quickly produce product documentation associated with 3D CAD model data.

Various CAD systems are supported directly including SolidWorks, CATIA V4 and V5 and Pro Engineer. Supported file formats include STEP and IGES. The system can also be integrated with any PLM system using simple XML.

3DVIA Composer is available for Microsoft Windows platforms and will be initially supplied through Dassault Systèmes global network of resellers and partners. Early next year it will also be available through SolidWorks Resellers.

Find out more information from the web-site at


Interactive Shape Modelling Too ?

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CB Model Pro was built around the idea that surfaces should be manipulated directly. The result is a very intuitive and highly productive tool for 3D content creation that seamlessly fits into the production pipeline. CB Model Pro was developed by the creators of Cosmic Blobs, the award-winning entry-level 3D graphics software.

Find out more from the WEBSITE

SolidWorks World Blog Reports

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The SolidWorks Community Blog has promised updates on the daily happenings at SWW Jan 22-25

You’ll want to be sure and check the blog posts during the week of SolidWorks World 2006, January 22–25. Greg and a guest blogger, freelance reporter Amy Castor, will be posting updates on the daily happenings at the show. “We want to bring the highlights of SolidWorks World 2006 to SolidWorks users who are still back at their offices,” explains Greg. “So we’ll have pictures, daily posts, and possibly even videos for visitors to download.”


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TracePro allows you to trace light rays through CAD models.

Lambda Research Corporation has released TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks, that enables users of SolidWorks to assign optical effects and properties in their SW models ready for optical ray tracing and analysis in TracePro.

Details of this and other optical analysis products can be seen at

SolidWorks Podcasts

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If you weren't already aware, there are various Podcasts available on SolidWorks

Open iTunes
Select the Music Store
Select Podcasts inside the Music Store
Search for SolidWorks

Listen to various items related to SW