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3D Reconstruction of Scenes from single images

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There is a keen interest in the ability to construct a 3D Model from a single image.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have developed a program that allows a computer to automatically generate 3-D reconstructions of scenes based on a single image.


Visit the Automatic Photo Pop-up page at

Read the Press Release for more information.

Building a Virtual World in 3D

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Trimensions, a company specialized in close-range photogrammetry, has developed a tool to integrate three-dimensional models into Google Earth with great precision and detail.


They provide a link that enables you to see the results of a model located in Paris, via Google Earth.

In another appraoch, the REALVIZ ImageModeller allows you to create 3D scenes from photographs.

Instant Scene Modeler

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Instant Scene Modeler (iSM) uses a pair of cameras to observe a scene. Each camera is looking at the scene from a slightly different angle and iSM can measure distances to thousands of points in each scene. When the cameras move. iSM will match new images, compute the camera motion and generate a model from the calculated 3D Data.

More details at

Also noted an interesting article in Desktop Engineering discussing Virtual Prototyping. Read it at