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Personal 3D Viewer Head Mounted Display

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Perhaps the Personal 3D Viewer from Sony can pick up from the apparent fall off in interest for 3D TVs, as it provides you with your own personal, immersive, cinema experience.

The HMZ-T1 head mounted display features dual OLED screens that provide HD quality viewing, and integrated headphones to deliver virtual 5.1 surround sound. It's claimed to be equivalent to watching a film on a 700 inch cinema screen

The display can be connected to a PlayStation 3 for high definition 2D and 3D gaming or a blu-ray disc player for a unique cinematic experience.

All the details are available from Sony at

It should be available towards the end of the year - price currently not defined, but likely to be around the cost of a reasonable LED TV.

Do doubt, this will be a competitor for the Vuzix iWear.

Musion Eyeliner

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Red or Black is a new 'quiz show' on UK TV - Ok, I reluctantly admit to watching this program on Sunday, but it became more interesting when I happened to notice that the stage set for Pixie Lott was using 3D holographic images produced using the Musion Eyeliner system.

Musion Eyeliner is a high definition holographic video projection system for producing 3D moving images within a live stage setting and can be used  for various live events, including audiovisual artistic performances, conference or trade show presentations, retail displays and large-scale digital signage.

The technology is based on techniques used by Professor John Henry Pepper  for a stage illusion more than 140 years ago to create Peppers Ghost. ( The old ideas are always the best. )'s_ghost

The system seems to be very effective, although it may be different when seen for real.

In the past, the system, has been used by the Black Eyed Peas at the NRJ Music Awards in 2011 where 2 of the performers are holographic. You can see a video of their performance on Vimeo.

Black Eyed Peas Hologram - Live at the NRJ Music Awards 2011 - Musion from Dimensional Studios on Vimeo.

(Ok - this was just an excuse to post a video of the Black Eyed Peas ! )

Cinemin Slice

WowWee were showing a Pico Projector iPad Dock at CES 2011.

The Cinemin Slice is a portable Pico Projector that will project an image up to 60 inch high from a media player.

The Slice has an Apple connector that allows you to directly connect an iPod, iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. It also provides Mini-HDMI and AV ports for media players and a VGA port for connecting PCs laptops or Netbooks.

Full details are available from the WowWee web-site at

Vuzix iWear - Wrap 920AR

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Vuzix manufacture a range of Video Eye-wear and personal display devices for mobile video, entertainment, defence and commercial markets.

The concept of using glasses/goggles with an embedded video display to watch TV or play video games isn't a new idea, but my interest was re-ignited when I noticed their augmented reality eye-wear the Wrap 920AR.

Vuzix Wrap 920AR

These provide the equivalent of a 67-inch display as seen from 10-feet away. A stereo camera pair enables the mixing of the real world with a virtual world. Each camera capture 752×480 images at 60fps to enable a 1504×480 side-by-side image that can be viewed in 3D Sterescopic video on the eye-wear displays.

Details of the Wrap 920AR at

and the Vuzix site at

It will be interesting to see how this technology can be used.

Available in a limited quantity, early shipments retail at £1499.00 (1699 euro)

Leonar3Do - The Virtual Reality Kit

Leonar3Do is an interactive desktop VR system that consists of a spatial input device with 6 degrees of freedom, 3D glasses and monitor mounted sensors.
Leonar3Do Setup

With Leonar3Do, you are able to control how you move within space - you can create and pull objects out from the monitor with the cursor.

To enjoy the benefits of virtual reality with Leonar3Do, you really only need desktop space for the palm-sized control box, a few cables and connectors. Beyond that you need some extra space for the glasses and the bird to put them down when they are out of use. That's all.

More details at

Other videos can be found from user 3DForAll on YouTube at

Sony Autostereoscopic Display (Raymodeler)

A 360 degree, auto-stereoscopic,  3D display prototype from Sony was showcased in the Emerging Technologies section at the recent Siggraph 2010 Conference/Exhibition.

The cylindrical unit measures 13cm in diameter and 27cm in height. It can be connected to a PC, or other device, through a digital video input port. No special glasses are needed to see the 3D image.

The display is also equipped with a gesture sensor that enables the display to be controlled interactively using hand motions.


I thought I'd already written about this but cannot find a reference to it anywhere.

Bonfire is a project that uses 2 micro projectors to project an interactive display image on either side of a laptop keyboard. Cameras are used to enable hand gesture tracking and object recognition within the projected display area.

Presented in a paper at UIST 2009, if you have access to ACM documents, you can read more at