by Mick


An interesting innovative concept - draw an outline from a background image to make it a 3D textured model! Or you can use a blank view and just draw the shapes you want from scratch.

It's an interesting approach which seems similar to what you could do with 'teddy'

This is Archipelis -

Main features:

  • Draw 2D shapes to build 3D objects
  • Re-position & re-shape the 3D objects
  • Automatic merging process
  • Multi-resolution management
  • Viewing modes: Wireframe, cartoon, environment map, stereo viewing in anaglyphic mode
  • Painting embossed (displaced) maps to create relief on the mesh
  • Save to the formats: .obj (Maya), .wrl (VRML), .off (OFF), .asc (for 3DS Max), .dxf (DXF), .x (Direct X), .stl (STL), .x3d (X3D) New
  • Possibility to include models into SketchUp (by Google) New
  • Automatic generation of program: C program for rendering models based on OpenGL New
  • and many more