Amazon MP3

by Mick

Noticed that Amazon have recently launched their own music downloading service, to compete with iTunes from Apple.

Will Amazon succeed when companies like Virgin Digital recently decided to close their doors?

The Virgin Digital site will finally close on October 19 see more detail at

The point of note, with the new Amazon venture, is the fact that music tracks which they have available (more than 2 million songs) are completely free of any Digital Rights Management (DRM) control.

DRM is a digital padlock which is used to prevent copying of the downloaded material and can also be used to ensure that the material can only be played on a specific device.

Music which is free of DRM makes it more appealing to a wider audience and with the backing of a large company such as Amazon, which can ensure competitive prices versus iTunes, looks certain to be a success.

However, the price per track still seems on the high side to me even at a rate of the quoted $0.89 - $0.99 per track. Why not retail at $0.50 ?