3D Display Technology from Philips

Philips 3D Solutions have introduced a 20-inch 3D 4YOU frame-mount display. It is based on Philips WOWvx technology to provide the appearance of 3D viewing without the need for special glasses, using slanted lenticular lens screen technology and connects to a PC through a standard DVI interface.


Philips 3D Display

A sheet of transparent lenses, is fixed on an LCD screen. This sheet sends different images to each eye, and so a person sees two images. These two images are combined by our brain, to create a 3D effect. Because the sheet is transparent, it results in full brightness, full contrast and true color representation


In order to generate a 3D image, the display requires a regular 2D representation of the image and a depth-map. This depth-map indicates the distance between each pixel and the viewer. The 2D image and the depth-map are used to create images on the screen, and these images are then merged by the viewer’s brain into a 3D sensation.

Read more about the technology in the attached document


Plug-ins are available for the popular 3D modelling applications that enable users to export 3D animations in the 2D-plus-depth format. Content creation tools are also available for visualizing stereoscopic video content.

The 20-inch display is available for purchase from October 2006 onwards. Also available (now) is a 42-inch version of the display.