Mick Kellman

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Mick is founder and director of KML Systems Ltd and has more than 25+ years experience in the support and development of computer software applications.

He has gained experience in both startups and established organisations and previously worked at a number of leading CAD companies including Prime Computers, Computervision and SolidWorks.

He held the position of Research Director at SolidWorks R&D in Cambridge, UK before founding KML Systems offering services in software development and consultancy.

He has been involved in the investigation, planning, development and implementation of cutting edge technology solutions to address business opportunities


  • Support and development of a variety of different CAD products including Medusa, CADDS and SolidWorks
  • Using new devices for driving computer applications e.g. Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion
  • Developing software applications for iOS devices
  • Developing on-line applications using HTML5, WebGL and other current and emerging web technology